Mercena’s Workbench

Mercena's Workbench

(Why am I naming days?)
09/19/15, Day 14,381 (Mercena Day 400): Mercena’s Workbench

Yesterday Mercena turned 400 days old! We celebrated her quadriqoudtenial (yes, spellcheck, I know that’s not real) with a classic double-playground day. We’re fortunate to have several great playgrounds nearby, including Russell Sage, which is basically our backyard (and was a big reason why we wound up where we did).

When we were home, however, Mercena was either focused on crawling at alarmingly fast speeds, or getting things done at her workbench, aka, our former coffee table. She’s reached the age where she’s as interested in putting things together as knocking them apart, and so the cups and stacking pyramids you see in the picture above can easily entertain her standing self for extended periods of serious focus.

She’s also increasingly interested in mirrors, with several mirror books her new favorites to page through. I’m hoping this in no way presages any meddling from the Mirror Man.

Her talking has reached such a blue streak that I almost called yesterday Mercena-logues to honor the length of her wind. While Heather was away at a Flux meeting, I took Mercena to the Austin Street playground (my personal favorite), and we decided to take the long way past the tennis courts, only to find everything blocked off for a concert at Forest Hills Stadium. As we navigated our way through a maze of bored cops and crowd control fences, she monologued without much pause for breath. Although I didn’t catch much of it, I have a hunch that 400 days from now, I’ll be catching more of it than I can handle.

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