High Five


(Why am I naming days?)
08/11/15, Day 14,342 (Mercena Day 361): High Five

Yes, my daughter is officially in love with high fives. And cruising. And this weird hitch crawl that involves walking on one leg while crawling with the other three limbs. And bumping her head on things. And eating orzo. And covering her body with orzo that resists your efforts to wash it off. And baths. And playgrounds. And other kids. And especially other kids at playgrounds.

She is a happy baby, even when she’s a little under the weather, as she was today, and even when she doesn’t nap well, as today she didn’t. She packed plenty of feels into this last day of our impromptu staycation, and while I look forward to work, there’s really nothing like time at home (even though it’s just as hard as all the articles say).

This rainy day was spent cleaning, cooking, and going for walks once the duul cleared (#Jane), picking up CSA veggies and organizing closets, and putting Mercena to bed solo, as Heather had an event. And once again, staying up late, inspired to work…

Oh, I want to tell you so much about this extraordinarily ordinary day! How the hunt for a hard drive nearly undid our household in a frenzy of, “well, since we’re doing that, we might as well also do…”; how Mercena rests her head on my shoulder as I sing her lullaby; how we have become jewel thieves in our efforts to be quiet as she sleeps; how many times you do the dishes when you have a baby (and more than one? I can’t imagine); how exciting it is to see the #SpeakUp scripts come in; how thrilled I am that Ravi from New Sanctuary will be coming as Flux’s community partner to the Network of Ensemble Theaters Gathering in Maine; how I think I figured out a way forward for a Flux impasse (but am willing to return to the drawing board); how the streetlights look right now through the trees; how how how, and on and on.

But it’s really late, and I should sleep. I think I’ll sleep well, and I hope you do, too.

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