First Preview for Once Upon a Bride

(Why am I naming days?)

12/6/14, Day 14,095 (Mercena Day 113): First Preview for Once Upon a Bride

It’s been over a month since I posted here. As Heather has been directing Once Upon a Bride There Was a Forest, I’ve been the sole caretaker for Mercena most nights and much of the weekends. At around the same time, TCG became overwhelmingly busy. I’ve done so much less than I would’ve hoped for Bride and for Flux. I’ve fallen behind on numerous things for the NET board. My inboxes are a mess. I’ve barely found any time for writing.

And then there’s our broken world. #blacklivesmatter

The words I’ve been using for the past month and a half are ground down. I’ve been feeling ground down. Every minute is not only spoken for but double and sometimes triple booked. I can’t shortchange Mercena or TCG, but all my other commitments are getting my loose change, and that compounds the ground down feeling. And I have gained so much respect for parents, especially for those parents raising children without the amazingly supportive community that Heather and I have (thank you family, thank you Flux, and most especially, thank you Sandra).

There have been many beautiful moments, of course–how could there not be, spending time with that beautiful face above? My decision to focus on TCG has also yielded a lot of positive accomplishments that I’ll hopefully talk about soon. But I need to start writing here again if only to create the illusion that I have some agency in my life again.

So, here we go, starting again after 45 days.

Last night was the first preview of Once Upon a Bride There Was a Forest, and I was home with Mercena. The show looks beautiful, and the tech process went well. I was able to be there, either baby-wrangling or teching, for the entire week, and it was amazing to have Mercena experience her first tech process.

But it was hard to not be at the theatre last night. I haven’t missed a preview for a Flux show, well, ever.

I would write more, but she already woke back up and I’m behind on some TCG things that absolutely have to get done this weekend. But this short, ground-down entry is a start.

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