Catching Up From The Cold

Last week, an illness (sore throat and general cold symptoms) knocked me off my feet, and kept me from posting here. I’ll do a quick round-up to keep my energies on the forward side.

(Why am I naming days?)
7/29/14, Day 13,965: Flux Meeting (And We’re Already Falling Behind)

Five of us managed to meet for our bi-weekly Flux meeting, and we’ve already fallen behind our aggressive post-Retreat strategic planning. That’s to be expected, and in spite of the cold just beginning to knock me out, we have a productive meeting, outlining key next steps for season decisions. This is Will’s last in-person Flux meeting for a while, but he’ll still participate from afar through the power of the Internet. At TCG, I have a series of great meetings related to the Fall Forum and our next wave of research.

7/30/14, Day 13,966: Fifteen Hours of Sleep

You can guess the reasons for this day’s name, can’t you? I also finished reading The Violent Bear It Away,  a powerful and disturbing experience that I hope to write about, if I can find time.

7/31/14, Day, 13,967: Fausting in the Church

This day is so named for the first non-development rehearsal of Faust that I’m able to attend and which has an enjoyable dissonance for bring a devilish play rehearsed in a church. I also return to work at TCG, which ends up being a mistake, as I wake up the next day worse off.

8/1/14, Day, 13,968: Losing Patients

Another day of mostly rest and recovery ends with Heather and I taking some shuttle bus magic to the The Brick for The Blood Brothers Present…Bedlam Nightmares: Losing Patients. This was the third installment of a four-parter, and it featured lots of little easter eggs for folks who’d seen earlier version. I especially enjoyed the central piece from Mariah and watching Kristen Vaughn’s Doctor Queen break down one of the Brothers. I have a play idea for the Brothers, but should probably prioritize some other projects first…

8/2/14, Day, 13,969: Abandoned Train Tracks in Forest Park

So named for a particularly haunted set of abandoned train tracks in Forest Park that Heather and I discovered on a long walk, just crying out for a good site-specific play. The whole park is a bit of a miracle; it doesn’t really feel like an NYC park, with long stretches where you don’t see anyone, and lampposts in the wilderness to make you feel like you’ve found the gateway to Narnia. There are well-marked trails for those who want them, but also the feel of adventure and discovery you rarely feel in more well-trodden paths. This may be one of the surprise gifts of us having moved out to Forest Hills. The walk seems to make me feel better, and Heather and I have slow, beautiful day together before the incoming Sesi storm.

8/3/14, Day, 13,970: Black Theatre Network Conference

This day is so named because, with my TCG colleagues, we presented about our Diversity & Inclusion Initiative to the Black Theatre Network’s 28th Annual Conference. It’s a particularly exciting time here in NYC because that Conference is being followed up by Catalyst, a convening organized by National Black Theatre on the sustainability of black theatres in the U.S. I’m looking forward to learning what emerges from these exciting days!

Then it was off for a few hours of Flux work (Have Another, mostly) before heading to rehearsal for Faust. I’ve really come to love this odd play we’ve made together, and I’m already sad that we have so short a run.

Technique never stands still: it only advances or retreats…

Writing: 117 out of 139 days (Faust and Angel Juice second drafts completed)
Spanish: 104 out of 139 days
Music: 17 out of 44 days

What small things did I do yesterday to help build the Honeycomb?
(And what does it mean to “Help build the honeycomb?”)

  • Asked Governor Cuomo to help the child refugees, and thanks Governor Patrick for his leadership in a humanitarian response;
  • Asked the military to make it easier for service dogs to retire with their handlers;
  • Signed a petition to venues on Ted Nugent’s tour in opposition to his long history of racist remarks;
  • Ate vegetarian;
  • Asked the administration to make the San Gabriel Mountains a national monument to protect them from over-development.

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