Encryption & Fields Cast

(Why am I naming days?) (And what does it mean to “Help build the honeycomb?)

I have once again fallen truant in making my updates here: I think the evening may be better than the morning for committing to this practice daily. But, I’ve been busy in the best possible way, and have many happy things to report.

First, I have a cast and director for the Mission to (dit)Mars Launch Pad reading of The Fields of Blue and Glow (learn more and RSVP for the 10/29 reading here.) I’m thrilled that Jordan Mahome, who was so great as Druncle in the Lark reading of Stepping, will be my Daryn, and David Shih, who I so admired in the last Mission to (dit)Mars reading series, will be playing Jon. If something’s not working with these two reading, I know it’s on me, especially because my dear Heather Cohn will be directing, and no one makes better use of not-enough-time than my wife. I rewrote the play today and trimmed 3.5 pages–we’ll see how this slimmer version plays Tuesday night.

Second, I have a cast for the Secret Theatre’s New Voices production of Encryption. It’s quite a cast, made up of wonderful folks who have spent a fair amount of time in my plays: Jessica Zinder is FEEHAN; Rachael Hip-Flores is LYDIE; Sol Crespo is ADELINA+; Isaiah Tanenbaum is MAX+ and Mike Mihm is DAD+. I’m really so grateful for the amazing cast director Christopher Diercksen and I pulled together, and our first read-through on Friday was a blast.

However, in spite of all these good things, this day could only be named thusly…

10/27/13, Day 13,689: Dancing for Becky Byers

I had the great pleasure today of working on Becky Byers’ contribution to Flux’s upcoming Understand Our GroundI’ll write more about it over on the FluxBlog, but I have to take a moment to say how impressed I was, not only with the beauty of the piece itself, but Becky’s deft handling of our short 1st rehearsal. I feel really blessed to have her as a Creative Partner in Flux, and I hope you will RSVP to see it!

Technique never stands still: it only advances or retreats…

…bit sometimes it does reset, as I’ve lost count over the last week or so, I begin again…

Writing: 1 out of the last 1 days
Spanish: 1 out of the last 1 days

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