Sometimes it just means hey
And sometimes it means I owe you an email
And sometimes it means it was so great seeing you last night at the show, and then at the bar, and thank you for staying even though you were tired and have to work early

And sometimes it means I like the way you look in my feed but
Other times it means fuck off
And why haven’t you given to my Kickstarter yet?

And other times it means I’m so sorry for your loss
Or so happy for your happiness
Or we were young together once, remember?
Or yes, your kid is just as cute as you believe your kid to be

And there are times it means I love you but don’t say it enough
And there are times it means I love you and say it too much

And I like the way you tweak that meme
the way we hate the same things
love  the same songs
and rage rage rage like we’re changing the world and
I like that sometimes we do (change it)

And there are times it means I wonder about you
And there are times it means, wonder about me
And there are time it means hold on a sec, I have to like this quote from Martin Luther King/this cat on a Roomba/this grumpy cat/this cat dressed as a dog/this dog dressed as Hitler/who is dying in a bunker/and maybe if we all click like/the way kids clap for Tinkerbelle/no one will ever die at all/no one/not ever/and especially not the cats

And I like your birthday even though you’re dead and
Sometimes I’m so afraid of dying
Of bombers and guns and loneliness and bird flu and meteors crashing over Russia and income inequality and prison industrial complexes and rich people and the war on terror and the war on drugs and the war and the war and the war like like like like like like like that’s better

Sometimes it means I like your new haircut
And sometimes it means I don’t
Sometimes it means, let’s be petty together
And sometimes it means, let’s don’t

And it can mean kiss
And it can mean touch
And it can mean nothing
Or way too much

Like when it means: we are all the life there is and was and ever will be in the whole wide universe, right here and now on this infectious rock teetering around our temporary star, so please let me be good to you, and you be good to me, and those are the times it also means
Take this joy from me, would you, a little,  because I can’t hold on, it’s too much

And then it means help
Because I can not see where there is to get to
So share your pictures from your trip to New Hope/down the shore/upstate/Barcelona
Share and like, like and share, and if you comment, baby
Well then you best comment true

And sometimes I do mean it
I mean I like it
Just that just
I like it
So I do

Published by CorinnaSchulenburg

Artist and Activist

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