Journal, 8/13

I’m trying to not put pressure on myself to make each journal post a dazzler, as the real purpose of this ether is to motivate myself towards writing every single slippery day. To that end, I’m (quickly) noting that:

  • The work on Upgrade, the television series, continues apace;
  • Yesterday at Flux Sunday I had the thrill of staging the last scene of Jane the Plain, and I’m even more eager to for the Flux Retreat to play with the whole thing all in one go;
  • Yesterday we also staged the first scene of a play that I’m writing for Anna Lamadrid, Sol Crespo and Lori Parquet; a basketball/video game/murder mystery/memory play (all my favorite things!) that feels kin to Honey Fist. With Anna leaving NYC for a little while, I’m going to put this one on hold.
  • I’m rewriting Tidal Devices and feeling like it might be my favorite of the four plays I’m bringing to the Retreat, and maybe my favorite play I’ve written since Perse. (Shh, don’t tell my other plays I have favorites).
  • I’ve been doing a better job of sending out plays – I’ve submitted at least one play per day for ten out of the last fifteen days – not great, but much much better than I’ve been in a long time.

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