Journal, 12/30: Homecoming Dance

BETTY: And I take that thing inside me, that 4am thing, that jagged rusty insect-eyed thing that says, Betty, you really never will ever be quite happy, I take that thing and turn it into a laugh, a perfect laugh, a perfectly cruel skittering little laugh that comes from nowhere and spreads like a stain through the air in everyone’s mouths until they’re laughing, too, oh, we’re all laughing at Jane…

Finished the big homecoming dance scene tonight of Jane the Plain, and while I truly have no idea if it will work – the action fractures into two trains running in different directions – I enjoyed writing it. I’m a little worried that it feels like the climax of the play, but hopefully what comes next will top it.

Really looking forward now to the reading on the 3rd, especially as I have my entire awesome cast from the 2nd scene of the Dark Night Series! It’s interesting how these actors are influencing the course of the play – there are several things in the past few scenes that wouldn’t be in this play with different actors developing it.

This weekend, I should finish it, if I don’t let my melancholy about finishing the play slow me down…

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