Journal, 12/28: This is water. This is water.

LEXI: I don’t think I’m talking about water water.


LEXI: I think I’m talking about who-I-really-am water.

JANE: Oh. K.

Tonight I finished another scene of Jane the Plain, looking towards not only the continuation of the Dark Night Series, but towards a read-through of the entire play at the Playwrights Continuum at 6pm on January 3rd. If you’d like to watch the reading, let me know in the comments below and I’ll send you the info.

Tonight’s scene was between Lexi and Jane, and it continues to move the play (hopefully without betraying it’s word-drunk silliness) into a more grounded, human complexity. Tomorrow I hope to write the Homecoming Dance scene, and begin to track the showdown between the Glowing Girl and the creature now following Scotty…

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