Journal: 7/23/11

“And then, that lava creature rose up in me again, and I had this clear vision, right there in the hall, like it was really happening, of taking my hands to that boy’s eyes, and driving my thumbs down into his brain.”

Yup, we’re getting to the end of Perse, and things are getting messy. The play feels kin to Riding the Bull and Other Bodies, those other small cast, sexually obsessive, epic stories of the extremes of desire. I believe I’ll have a first draft finished tonight.

And though I haven’t been writing here as much as I would like, things have been busy. In edition to the Perse pages, I found out that Dark Matterwon the Reverie Productions 2011 Next Generation Playwriting Contest! I’m so, so thrilled by this, not only because hopefully it will increase the chances of the play being produced, but because it led to an invitation to Reverie’s writing group. I’m honored by the award, and excited to join the good people of Reverie.

Last night, the Seattle premiere of Riding the Bull opened at New Amerikan Theatre! In such a crazy busy year, I simply don’t have the ability to get out there and see the show, but my heart is very much on the West Coast, wishing the production well. This is the 4th production of the play, making it the most produced play of mine after the Equalogy plays (which seem unlikely to be surpassed). My heart is full of love for the GLs and Lyzas of the past (and hopefully, of the future).

I also, somewhat randomly, wrote a short play called The App of Paradise. There was a short, tech-themed play contest that inspired me to churn the play out quickly. In some ways, it is a test run for a longer play I intend to write on the themes of tech-immortality and tech-identity.

So lots of good things to report, and hopefully much later tonight (or early tomorrow), I’ll be able to report a finished first draft of Perse.

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