Journal: 07/05/11

“And as soon as she left the room, we were at it again. The thing I didn’t know about love is, it seeps into everything. Suddenly, even your toaster loves you, the way the bread jumps, like “Look at me! Cover me with butter, I’m made for you!” Everything feels made for you. So that’s how, I guess, we started to feel like nothing could go wrong, and we could never be found out.”

7 more pages of Perse this morning in a single hour of writing – the play is hot within me, and I’m definitely on track to finish the play within the next few days.

My ideal is to write an average of 10 new pages a day, not counting rewrites. That is, of course, almost impossible with my schedule during the week. The key to making it happen is writing as soon as I wake up, but 5-6 hours of sleep is not enough. I can wake up at 6AM, but I’m usually not actually awake until an hour (and several cups of coffee) later. Still, there’s really no other time in the weekday, so I’ll need to find a way to hit the ground running tomorrow.

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