Journal, 3/24/11

What is this writing journal all about?

They were looking at the train. “Look out! look out!”, but the whistle sounded far away, and the train barreling towards her seemed to be moving in slow motion. Zou knew she should step off the tracks, but instead, she stepped towards the train, and all at once, her eyes filled with light, and the tracks and the train and the Honey Bs fell away.

She was suspended, as if in space, and a great bright heat was in front of her, and she felt a voice (she didn’t hear it), a deep one, crying, “It’s dying! The sun is dying! You have to save it, you have to-”

A little more progress on the After Earth novel – I’ve finished the first movement of the first chapter, and now we’ll go on to meet Zou’s family.

Also this morning, I typed out the handwritten pages of the Lolita play, which focuses on how Melinda gets the job teaching Persephone (yup, changed both their names). Throughout, Melinda is talking to an ambiguous Voice, which is a risk for me, as I usually have this kind of character talk directly to the audience. But I have an idea of how that Voice might resolve, so I’m sticking with the conceit, at least for this post. 

Here’s Melinda talking about Perse’s defiance towards her mother, Joan:

She didn’t say it like a spoiled teenager trying to infuriate her mother. She said it like she could make things true just by saying them; like if she said lightning, we’d hear thunder.

In terms of some good news, it looks like their might be upcoming productions of Riding the Bull and 19 Words. More on these possibilities (both emails came yesterday within hours of each other) as I know more.

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