Journal, 3/23/11

Ms. Lindsay, the soccer coach, was standing in the door, staring at Zou and her zebra of cheese with her mouth open. Ms. Lindsay was short and sturdy, like a tree stump that had grown legs and a whistle round its neck. Behind her, the entire soccer team stood, craning to see why their coach had stopped, eventually pushing past her (Becky first).

There was a moment of silence, as Becky and the Bs (they all played soccer) took in the zebra of cheese. “Oh. My. God.” Becky breathed those words like an archeologist stumbling upon a royal sarcophagus. This was the great find she’d been waiting for. This was enough bully fuel to last for years and years of braid-pulling.

That’s right, a zebra of cheese.

I finished another page and a half of the After Earth novel this morning. I’m really having fun using the tension of the chase scene in the present to propel some jumping around in Zou’s memory. That time-jumping is something I love to do with plays, but here it’s even easier, and possible less disorienting.

I’m also enjoying learning more about our protagonist Zou Waters – eight years old, adopted, and obsessed with shapes:

She’d always been that way: shapes would tug at her, the way she used to tug on the hem of her mother’s dress when she was small, begging for attention. Shapes would tug on the hem of her dress (though she never worse dresses) and she had to pay them attention.

I’d been hoping this morning to type up my handwritten pages on the Lolita play from Flux Sunday, but have run out of time. Busy last night with a theatre panel, busy tonight with a read-through, so the mornings continue to be my friend.

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