Mercena Day Three; or, Abundance


(Why am I naming days?)

8/17/14, Day, 13,984 (Mercena Day 3): Mercena West, Day Three; or, Abundance

This day is so named for the deep feelings of abundance and gratitude heaped upon my heart on Merecena’s third day of life. The long night two into day three had me exhausted and doubting my endurance for a little while, but love from family helped smooth the edges, and I went to sleep feeling restored and eager for the next day.

The greatest highlight was seeing the photo above of my father holding me as a young child with the photo below of Mercena and me:


My mother juxtaposed these photos on Facebook, and when I saw them, I burst into tears, and not just because of the exhaustion.

These photos snapped me out of my New Dad self-doubting and into the confidence that comes from being a part of something much bigger than myself: a family moving together through time. Or, to provide a visual image for my emotional state:


This absurd food porn shot was the bounty I picked up yesterday morning at our local farmer’s market, and is perhaps the best visual metaphor for my heart’s  beaming countenance.

Other Mercena highlights:

  • Her smiles (which are reflexes as the moment, but irresistible nonetheless);
  • Her body arches (she’s a little gymnast, and Heather has taken to calling her Archie when she performs them);
  • The way she pulls her head away from the breast with a bad-ass sort of mic-dropping confidence;
  • Skyping with sister and brother-in-law Cathy and John (and Morgan and Sophia);
  • A visit from my sister Marnie, who was so good with her and listened patiently as regaled her with our labor story. It’s fascinating to see how an event so full of uncertainty grows into a story and, eventually, a myth…
  • Positive reinforcement from Dia and Shar that her lack of bowl movements since The Waterfall of Meconium is totally natural–again, we highly recommend them both;
  • All the ongoing love and support from friends and family.

Oh, and I’m still a playwright with a play opening this week! Here’s a great rehearsal shot from Faust, which I very much hope you’ll see:


Technique never stands still: it only advances or retreats…

Writing: 124 out of 153 days
Spanish: 110 out of 153 days
Music: 23 out of 58 days

What small things did I do yesterday to help build the Honeycomb?
(And what does it mean to “Help build the honeycomb?”)

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