Pith and Hustle

(Why am I naming days?)

4/28/14, Day, 13, 693: LaPlaca, REPRESENT & The Pith of Angel Juice

This very busy day began at 8am when myself and fellow TCG-er Hannah Fenlon attended LaPlace Cohen’s presentation of the latest findings from Culture Track at the New York Times building. We were there representing the TCG National Conference, where LaPlaca will be presenting on tech/theatre and digital culture.

I then had a very full day at TCG with three separate meetings on REPRESENT, the measurement part of our Diversity & Inclusion Initiative. We’re beginning to understand that every conversation about this demographic survey (and so much more) is going to be interesting: we are hungry as humans to talk about identity, and its relationship to privilege and power, and we now understand that the conversations that surround REPRESENT are as important as what it actually does (or will do). It’s immensely rewarding work.

Then, I was off to my second-to-last (gulp) Lark Playwrights’ Workshop meeting. It’s been quite a journey, and after working through some fears, I know feel at entirely at home in this extraordinary group. We kicked off with more pages from Angel Juice, and once again Colleen Werthmann was just glorious as Senator Powers, with all of the actors giving strong cold reads. A conversation with John Eisner afterwards may have unlocked a challenge I was having with the end of the play…and the rest of the scenes were strong, with Lynn sharing a tense, powerful scene from her Reading play, Rey bringing more pages from his hotel play (with an especially beautiful scene between Alfredo Narciso and Sheldon Best) and Rogelio bringing in a new scene–and character!–to his East Berlin play. Strong work and great conversation all around.

I also finished a second draft of Lightning Walks, which still needs a ton of work: I was basically able to fix the most obvious problems in the play’s structure, but there still feels like a lot of missed opportunities and structural challenges to address.

Finally, I’m deeply disturbed by the 720 death sentences handed down in two mass trials by the Egyptian authorities. 720 people and their families condemned to death and grief by judicial fiat, and the hopes of Tahrir Square lost…Please consider taking action against this terrible injustice by signing Amnesty International’s petition.

Technique never stands still: it only advances or retreats…

Writing: 102 out of 119 days (Lightning Walks)
Spanish: 91 out of 119 days
Music: 9 out of 24 days

What small things did I do yesterday to help build the Honeycomb?
(And what does it mean to “Help build the honeycomb?”)

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