Ken’s Birthday, Kimi’s List

(Why am I naming days?)

4/1/14: Ken’s 70th Birthday

This day is so named for the heartfelt celebration of Ken Glickfeld’s 70th birthday at the Player’s Club. It was quite a party: packed with Fluxers along side friends of every stage of Ken’s life. I am so grateful that we had this opportunity to shower one of the great Theatre Souls of the world with love and respect in one of the holy sites of theatre in the city. Just a wonderful night celebrating a wonderful human.

Also, I want to thank everyone who responded so generously to my “Letting Go of the Wrong dream” post. I did not expect that it would strike such a chord with people, and it really means the world to me that people shared it and commented on it with such kindness. Thank you.

4/2/14: Kimi’s List

This day is so named for a rant that Kimi gives to save the crumbling friendships in Word(s), as the four associate editors are now fighting wholesale for the chief editor position, and driving hard bargains for votes. Kimi lists a series of increasingly impossible demands to win her vote, trying to make the others hear how ridiculous they’re being, and it almost works:

And then I want an issue that’s a scavenger hunt,
Where you have to search and find every page
And when you find the last one, it’s held by the stranger
Who will make you believe in true love again…

And the issue after that
Is hollowed out, like one of those bibles
With all the pages cut out to hide fancy jewels
An inside this issue is a squirt gun full of water
And a slip of paper with the time and location
Where the Great Bards Water Battle will go down
Maybe some of them have little water balloons

And I also want an issue where every poem is written backwards
And the last page is a mirror so that you can read them

And I want an issue where every poem is written in a made-up language Klingon, dothraki and several kinds of elvish

And I want an issue that’s all fortune cookies
And an issue that’s all advertising slogans
And one that’s just theme songs from TV shows from the 80s and 90s “There’s a path you take And a path not taken”
And we attribute all of those poems to Robert Frost…

I’m up to page 47 and the play is going strong!

4/3/14: DiWine with Becky and Will

This day is so named for a wonderful dinner we had with our friends and fellow Flux Creative Partners Becky and Will at our old Astoria haunt, DiWine. Oh, man, it was a good time…

Technique never stands still: it only advances or retreats…

Writing: 80 out of 94 days (Word(s))
Spanish: 78 out of 94 days

What small things did I do the past three days to help build the Honeycomb?
(And what does it mean to “Help build the honeycomb?”)

  • Asked my Representative to support ENDA;
  • Celebrated the one-and-only Ken Glickfeld for his 70th birthday (and got on stage to lead a toast to him);
  • Asked the EPA to stop working with BP;
  • Created a Facebook invite for a NET meet-up on 4/11 at fellow NET member The Foundry Theatre’s show;
  • Took the pledge to reduce meat consumption (already there myself, but now need to convince three more people to take the pledge);
  • Signed a pledge not to buy Koch products (again, not too hard since I avoid most these products anyway);
  • Signed the petition to strengthen toxic chemical protections;
  • Signed the petition to strengthen protections against illegal logging in Russia’s Far East that threatens the few remaining Siberian tigers;
  • Sent my condolences to the families affected by the Fort Hood shooting;

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