The Therapeutic Properties of Flux Sunday

(Why am I naming days?)

2/8/14, Day 13,793: The Therapeutic Properties of Flux Sunday

This day is so named because two out of the three scenes worked at Flux Sunday featured conversations with therapists (or at least, the appearance of therapists) and because when a Flux Sunday goes well, it does have a therapeutic effect. Working with Anna Rahn, Sarah Amandes and Daryl Lathon on The Sea Concerto was also immensely helpful, and I have figured out the end to the play, which I am so eager to finish.

Technique never stands still: it only advances or retreats…

Writing: 37 out of 42 days (The Sea Concerto)
Spanish: 38 out of 42 days

What small things did I do yesterday to help build the Honeycomb?
(And what does it mean to “Help build the honeycomb?)

  • Facilitated a great Flux Sunday
  • Signed a petition to the World Bank to withhold funds to Kenyan government if they continue to forcibly remove the indigenous Sengwer people out of the Embobut forest.
  • Posted a Flux Sunday report
  • Signed a petition to the Russian government to release  jailed Russian environmental activist Yevgeniy Vitishko
  • Dropped off our week’s compost and cooked all my vegetarian (mostly vegan & organic, some local) meals

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