My apologies for…

January was a good month in many ways, and I’m hoping to do a wrap up post today, but it was also a stressful month. As I take on more responsibilities, I find myself increasingly unable to keep up with everything, until it feels as if every third email has me apologizing for something. I’m not yet ready to say no to anything, however, so February will be a month of trying to become even more disciplined and effective. In the meantime, my apologies for [that thing I’m behind on].

(Why am I naming days?)

1/28/14, Day 13, 782: Friending Flux

This day is so named because I created a private Facebook Group for the Friends of Flux, our core group of long-term collaborators and stakeholders. It has already turned out to be a much cooler thing than we could’ve hoped for–we really are a part of loving, generous community of theatre people, and I’m grateful for it. This day is also featured an intense Creative Partner meeting for Flux–lots of exciting projects on the horizon.

This was also the night that Heather and I finished watching Battlestar Galactica, and we stayed up late to do so, which was the right decision, but had a hard cost as I spent the next two days tired, stressed and playing catch-up. The reality is that my schedule is so tightly packed these days that even a few hours spent the wrong way can have cascading negative effects…

1/29/14, Day 13,783: beertown NYC

This day is so named because myself and some Flux CPs checked out fellow NET member dog & pony dc’s beertown, an audience participatory play about how communities define themselves as circumstances and values shift over time. Go check it out!

I also had a powerful meeting for TCG’s Diversity & Inclusion Initiative that I can’t say too much about except that it made me realize how far I still have to go in understanding this work, and how even with the best of intentions you (read:me) can end up perpetuating the inequities you want so badly to undo.

1/30/14, Day 13,784: Kip drops the mic somewhere over the rainbow

This day is so named for the Adaptive Arts cabaret fundraiser that I attended to support this wonderful organization (I am working on the Faust project with them). I especially loved Jen Kipley’s raw and moving performance, and a haunting adaptation of Somewhere over the rainbow by Gabby Sherba.

This day was also a real low point for me: exhausted, behind on seemingly everything, and wrestling with some personal encounters that didn’t go well, I lost my grip on things and broke my streak of writing, learning Spanish and cooking my own food for the day. Will power really is a muscle, and I’ve been strengthening it little by little, but I still exceed my limits regularly.

1/31/14, Day 13,785: Breathing Corpses

This day is so named for the play Heather and I saw by the same title, featuring the fine work of many friends.  This day also featured a fun Flux marketing meeting at a sandwich place and a #TheatreTalk session on the lack of diversity in top 10 lists with the Lark and Kanji. I also spent the morning building a Mint account for Heather and I to track our shared finances and set budget goals. I think this platform will be transformative in making me more fiscally responsible and mindful, and not a moment too soon…

2/1/14, Day 13,786: State of Incarceration

This day is so named for the LAPD production playing at the Queens Museum. Anyone who wants to see powerful community-building, social justice work that is also aesthetically inventive and challenging should go check it–there’s also a stunning installation from Bread and Puppet’s Peter Schumann.

Technique never stands still: it only advances or retreats…

Writing: 28 out of 33 days (The Sea Concerto)
Spanish: 29 out of 33 days

What small things did I do the past five days to help build the Honeycomb?
(And what does it mean to “Help build the honeycomb?)

  • Posted the Flux Sunday report for 1/26
  • Celebrated the EPA’s commitment to finalizing rules on the disposal of coal ash
  • Attended and rallied audiences for beetown, Adaptive Arts cabaret, Breathing Corpses and States of Incarceration.
  • Asked the state of Texas to pay for the medical bills they forced on the Munoz family
  • Participated in a Flux general meeting and a Flux marketing meeting
  • Signed the Democratic Women of the Senate’s petition to raise the minimum wage, and then  signed a similar petition from US Action
  • Organized and participated in a NET grant planning meeting
  • Signed up for the “Thunderclap” in support of #PassMIJA
  • Participated in a #TheatreTalk Twitter convo on the lack of diversity in theatre top 10 lists
  • Ate vegetarian, cooking my own meals four out of the last five days, and purchased only one beer and two cups of coffee out

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