Visions and Business

(Why am I naming days?)

1/22/14, Day 13,776: The Running of the Bride

This day is so named because Flux held our final rehearsal for Once Upon A Bride There Was A Forest. Again, the experience of working in a room with most of our new Creative Partners is joyful, playful, productive and inspiring, and doubtless this contributed to the vision I had the following day. this day also featured a strong Diversity & Inclusion Initiative meeting at TCG where we started to clarify the timelines on a number of the points of the plan.

1/23/14, Day 13, 777: The Vision on the Hill

This day is so named because I attended The Business of Art workshop at the Lark and the day ended with a visioning process that gave me a powerful sense of what my future will be. I saw Heather and I, 50 years from now, on the wedding hill at Little Pond Arts Retreat, and we were devising a play, surrounded by all our Creative Partners and dearest collaborators and loved ones.

A phrase entered my mind: “We are not exiles, and we have spent our lives imagining new roads to call all the exiles home.”

I can’t explain what that means exactly, but it gave me a powerful sense of release. I’m where I’m supposed to be, doing the things I’m supposed to be doing with the people I’m supposed to be with, and what a gift and responsibility that is; I wonder if we will live long enough to see that vision come true?

And later that day, Flux held the Food:Soul of Once Upon A Bride There Was A Forest, and the vision on the hill felt tangible…

1/24/14, Day 13, 778: The Business of Art

This day is so named after the second day 0f the business-for-playwrights workshop at the Lark. A heartfelt thank you to Elaine Grogan Luttrull and her Minerva Financial Arts for her support of the arts and artists, and to the Lark for always finding new ways to empower playwrights. A number of take aways:

  • For me, writing plays is primarily a calling, not a profession or a hobby, though I bring the amateur’s love and the professional’s disciple in service to that calling;
  • I have always thought that when in financial trouble, just work more, work harder; but Elaine helped me realize that I can also work smarter, with the same mindfulness that I bring to the rest of my goal-setting, and that by working smarter, I can bring greater agency  and authenticity to my financial matters;
  • That budgeting, investments and financial planning are not beyond my capacity, and as one of my favorite adages goes, when you don’t vote, you vote; so by abandoning any intentionality or care in organizing my financial life because it feels somehow greedy or materialistic, I’m simply abdicating responsibility for activating my values in that area; all of which means
  • I have a lot of work to do in this journal to integrate financial planning into my other goals.

1/25/14, Day 13, 779: A Poem for Randy Gener

This day is so named out of hope that assaulted arts journalist (and my former colleague) Randy Gener would make a speedy recovery, and that whoever committed this possible hate crime will be brought to a compassionate justice. Unable to attend the vigil the following day, I wrote a poem as a way of lighting a candle, and this post also has info on how you can support his recovery. I also hosted and facilitated a production meeting for Jane the Plain.

1/26/14, Day 13, 780: Playing Silence

This day is so named for working on The Sea Concerto at Flux Sunday. Lynnie’s father swims to the bottom of the ocean to bury his trumpet, and she follows him. Playing around with how to stage this stylized scene was very exciting, though much work remains to get the rites right. I also participated in a Jane the Plain marketing meeting–fun ideas abounding if we can carry them out!

Technique never stands still: it only advances or retreats…

Writing: 23 out of 27 days (The Sea Concerto, A Cup of Stars)
Spanish: 24 out of 27 days

What small things did I do the past five days to help build the Honeycomb?
(And what does it mean to “Help build the honeycomb?)

  • Rehearsed, helped produce and performed Once Upon A Bride There Was A Forest
  • Asked President Obama to announce he will raise the minimum wage for federal workers in his State of the Union address
  • Made progress in action planning the Diversity & Inclusion Initiative
  • Signed the Senator Gillibrand, Senator Hagan, Senator Klobuchar and Senator Shaheen petition for equal pay for women
  • Spread news of NEA advocacy victory
  • Signed Al Franken’s petition for Net Neutrality
  • Facilitated Flux Sunday, and wrote and shared a Flux Sunday update post
  • Signed a petition to end the NFL’s not-for-profit status–with revenues at $9 billion, it is unfair to tax payers to keep the NFL tax-exempt
  • Ate vegetarian
  • Signed Elizabeth Warren & Tom Coburn’s Truth in Settlements Act to require accessible, detailed disclosures on companies that break the law
  • Participated in Jane the Plain production and marketing meetings
  • Asked the Obama administration to halt deportations of those who would qualify for a path to citizenship
  • Wrote a poem for Randy Gener and donated to his recovery
  • Asked the EPA to limit carbon pollution from existing power plants
  • and once again, on the eve of the SOTU address, asked the administration to close Guantanamo 

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