Three Days, A Quick Catch Up

(Why am I naming days?)

1/4/14, Day 13, 758: The First Jane the Plain Production Meeting

A simple title, but I’d rather name a day something on-the-nose than lose my little momentum here in the early going of 2014. And it was a great first production meeting!

1/5/14, Day 13,759: The End of Superwomen, the Beginning of Byers Pages

This day is so named for our wonderful first Flux Sunday of 2014, which featured (among many highlights), the final scene of Aja Houston’s hilarious and heartfelt Superwomen + Beauty Queens=World Peace?, and the (witty, welcoming) first pages Becky Byers has ever brought to Flux Sunday. A happy|sad beginning|ending kind of day that also included some crazy new pages for Be Happy and an exciting meeting to announce the theme, “Identity at the Intersections” for New York Madness.

1/6/14, Day 13, 760: Mid-Year for the Lark Workshop

Another not-so-creative-yet-certainly-accurate title for this day, which included an intensely productive day at TCG followed by a mid-year check-in about the Lark Workshop with John Eisner and Lloyd Suh. I still I can’t quite believe I get to walk into a room with those writers every other Monday night.

Technique never stands still: it only advances or retreats…

Writing: 5 out of 6 days (Be Happy Be Happy Be Happy)
Spanish: 5 out of 6 days

What small things did I do the past three days to help build the Honeycomb?
(And what does it mean to “Help build the honeycomb?) 

  • Asked my Representatives to  extend the IRA Charitable Rollover.
  • Shared Michael Patrick Thornton’s powerful piece on disability in theatre, The Playing Field Needs to be Razed and Rebuilt.
  • Asked Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger to stop promoting fossil fuels to children through their “Rocking in Ohio” partnership with the Ohio Oil and Gas Association.
  • Hosted and wrote about the first Jane the Plain production meeting.
  • Signed a petition against the federal injunction stopping marriage equality in Utah.
  • Created a theme, “Identity at the Intersections”, for the next New York Madness.
  • Encouraged an immensely talented friend to publicly share a new aspect of her creativity
  • Shared this great post about probelmatic perceptions of “community” and “professional” theatre
  • Facilitated and wrote about Flux Sunday
  • Ate mostly vegan, mostly home cooked organic meals, and shopped for local food at our farmer’s market, where I also composted
  • Had productive meetings about the TCG National Conference and Diversity & Inclusion Initiative’s Legacy Project

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