SickSickSick, Write

(Why am I naming days?) (And what does it mean to “Help build the honeycomb?)

Last week, my sick got worse before it got better, and so I needed to sleep more than I need ed to be doing much else. That said, a little catch-up:

10/1/13, Day 13, 663: They Stumble That Run Fast

So named because my body completely collapsed from exhaustion, and a fever and sore throat had me sleeping most of the day.

10/2/13, Day 13,664: Red is the Color of My True Love’s Paint

So named because as I was working from home and recuperating, Heather was painting our place some truly cool shades of red. The place feels charged now, and even more like ours.

10/3/13, Day 13,665: Pernicious Go-Betweens

I returned to work and struggled through an uncomfortable day before taking in Lickspittles, Buttonholers and Damned Pernicious Go-Betweens by Johnna Adams at Boomerang Theatre Company. It was wonderful to see this play I know so well staged with such energy, invention and love. Still, if it had been any other show, I would’ve skipped the play to sleep…

10/4/13, Day 13,666: Prep for the Warming of the House

Another day of not feeling a whole lot better, but by night, I finally started to kick whatever was keeping me down, and not a moment too soon, as Heather and I cooked to prepare for a party the next day.

10/5/13, Day 13,667: The Warming of the House

After some frantic cooking and cleaning, we had a wonderful time with our guests, especially out on the terrace! It was exciting to share our new place with so many people we care about, and I was able to trick people into thinking I wasn’t still sick.

10/6/13, Day 13,668: Little Reckonings in a Great Room

Flux Sunday, which I’ll report on over at the FluxBlog later, was held for the first time ever in the Meeting Hall at Judson; that great, cavernous, charged location. Because of a shortage of playwrights, I brought scenes from Salvage and Lightning Walks. The former played beautifully, and in spite of all the doubts I had while writing the play, I think the play has ended well. The latter was immensely helpful, as I was able to see the play on its feet and get a sense of physical flow.

10/7/13, Day 13, 669: Propulsion Lab 2013 Begins

Lightning Walks took another strong step forward with the launch of the Mission to (Dit)Mars’ second year Propulsion Lab. I’m so grateful to Don, Kari and the whole MtD team for their work and thoughtfulness in putting this Queens-based writer’s group together. Between Flux Sundays, the Lark’s Playwrights’ Group and the Propulsion Lab, I’ve had more opportunities to hear Lightning Walks out loud and in different contexts than really any recent play.

That’s been hugely helpful as I’ve navigated the stylistic challenges of this play. Based on what I learned from the Lark (including a great and subtle note proffered by John Eisner), I rewrote the first scene between Sara and Rebekah, and that single change rippled through the rest of the first third. Suddenly, everything seemed to cohere together just from strong changes to a single scene. That kind of mid first draft tactical realignment would not have been possible without the constant feedback of these three very different development opportunities.

I know feel 100% confident that I will have a relatively well-developed first draft done by 10/14. It is possible that I’ll finish this Thursday night, though that’s not very likely. Regardless, I’m really feeling connected to the play and have crossed the plot Rubicon, and can’t wait to figure out how this ends…I hope no one will die. I always hope none of the characters will die. But they so often do…

Technique never stands still: it only advances or retreats…

Writing: 25 out of the last 40 days
Spanish: 25 out of the last 40 days

And yes, I’ve scratched yoga from this list. Maybe one day, yoga. Maybe one day.


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