A Happy Return

After a very stressful but rewarding time that included the TCG Conference in Dallas, the Network of Ensemble Theaters MicroFest in Honolulu, an apartment move and my sister-in-law’s wedding, I am last beginning to settle into the beginnings of a restorative routine. (Having been so unsettled from routine for so long, I can gratefully say that a routine is not a rut; it is a daily practice that frees the spirit, not a chain of habits that deadens it.)

So! Back to my routine of naming days and building that honeycomb: (Why am I naming days?) (And what does it mean to “Help build the honeycomb?)

7/8/13, Day 13,759: A Field Below

Heather and I joke that our new place is really a terrace with some storage attached (the rest of the apartment is great, but oh, our terracce is so beatiful!) Yesterday, amidst the flurry of returning, I rose early and went to beed late, beginning and ending the day on the terrace, looking over our precious green city view, feeling the healing breeze and thinking of a line from one of our favorite Regina songs: “I am awake, and I feel the ache…”

Here’s what I did yesterday-ish to help build the honeycomb:

It is so very good to be back. I’m awake, and I feel the ache…

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