Strike and March

5/19, Day 13,529: Heather’s Birthday Strike
5/20, Day 13,530: March for Mark Carson

 (Why am I naming days?) (And what does it mean to “Help build the honeycomb?)

5/19, Day 13,529: Heather’s Birthday Strike
Is there a better way to celebrate your wife’s birthday than with a 12+ hour strike? Maybe so, but so it goes. We started striking Sans Merci and Honey Fist before 10am, and finished a little before 10pm, thanks to the help of Flux’s creative partners and some wonderful Friends of Flux: Mac & Sandy, Johnna Adams, Nat Cassidy, Jason Paradine, Chester Poon,Sara Slagle, Alisha Spielmann, Anna Rahn, Jodi Witherell and Matt Vieria. Good bye, Sans Merci and Honey Fist. I miss you already.

5/20, Day 13,530: March for Mark Carson
Strike continued early at 8am with a few last drop-offs, and then I was at TCG by 9am, trying to catch up after a weekend where I was too busy to do much TCG-work. At 5:10pm, I left for this:
Mark Carson MarchThis was the NYC-Anti Violence March & Rally in response to the recent violence against LGBTQ people here in NYC. Like so many of us, I was shocked by the senseless cruelty of the hate-crime murder of Mark Carson, and wanted to do something. When I received the email from Human Rights Campaign about the rally, I jumped at the chance. So what felt like thousands of us marched from The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center on 13th Street to the site of the murder, near 8th and 6th ave, chanting “Whose streets? Our streets” and “Hey hey ho ho, homophobia’s got to go”.  I couldn’t stay for the rally, but it felt good in some small way to be marching for love and compassion after such violence. I also bumped into friends like Susan Louise O’Connor along the way, which made me proud to see our theatre community represent!

I then left the rally to visit a dear friend recovering from surgery, and then returned to TCG before 9pm and kept working until past midnight. A long day, but a good one.

What small things did I do the past two days to help build the Honeycomb?

  • If you feel like me about the murder of Mark Carson,here’s an open letter to the mayors of every major U.S. city and all 50 governors to support legislation that promotes equality for LGBTQ across all areas of life. Legal discrimination is absolutely linked to this kind of violence, so sign the letter now.
  • Strike, ya’ll.
  • I posted on GAP’s Facebook wall, tweeted at em and messaged CEO Glenn Murphy to sign on to the  Bangladesh Fire and Safety Agreement, as so many other clothing manufacturer’s have–join me in doing so here.
  • The March for Mark Carson
  •  Asked the Bureau of Land Management not to approve further fracking legislation until their new rules require full public disclosure of toxic chemicals, baseline water testing and setback requirements of wells from homes and schools–join me here. I sent a similar note directly to Obama (which I’m sure he read immediately and with great interest).
  • Visited my dear friend recovering from surgery.
  • I  signed petition to repeal the Monsanto Protection Act. I’m not knee-jerk against GMOs, but I do think they should be subject to court orders and judicial process.
  • I worked an extra three hours at TCG yesterday, pulling oars hard towards Dallas.
  • I joined Daily Kos and EMILY’s List in thanking Sens. Claire McCaskill and Kirsten Gillibrand for taking real action to change the way the military handles sexual assault.
  • I took my lovely, extraordinary wife out for dinner for her birthday.
  • I ate vegetarian.

I also failed to live up to my own standards when I:

  • Failed to send a birthday wish to my sister-in-law on her actual birthday (I suck!);
  • Was super stressed out at work in the morning yesterday and probably snipped at some co-workers (I need to relax!);
  • Didn’t give a special “you just got engaged hug” to one of my favorite people on earth who just got engaged (strike! I blame strike!)


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