Riding the Late Night Scooter

Day 13,523: Day of the Late Night Scooter (Why am I naming days?) (And what does it mean to “Help build the honeycomb?)

Yesterday, I worked at TCG from 9:00am to around 10:30pm–not anywhere near my longest TCG day on record, but not too shabby, either. I survived the 13+ hour day in surprisingly good spirits, in part due to feeling a strong sense of purpose in the work, and in part due to the similar stamina and passion of some of my co-workers.

But what really got me through the day?

My former colleague Jenni Werner survived Conference-time in part by purchasing several office scooters, those foot-powered pretties that abound in Google offices. I promised myself that if I could make it past 10pm, I’d allow myself a joyride through the office. And there is something so silly about a grown man careening around an office on a scooter that made me laugh all day thinking about it, and then laugh even harder as I did my speedy, late-night laps.

I share this because no amount of building the honeycomb is worth losing that sense of absurd, joyful, child-like play; without it, burn out and bitterness are just around the corner. Hence, Day of the Late Night Scooter.

What other small things did I do yesterday to help build the Honeycomb?

And now it’s another day…scoot on.

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