Day 13,462: Vos Abundance

Day 13,462 is a challenging day to name, if for no other reason than it is the second day of my day naming challenge. I decided on “Vos” in part because of the buzz over the new Argentinian Pope, and to acknowledge that I have managed to work on my Spanish 10 out of the last 16 days (estoy leyendo el libro “La Fiesta del Chivo” de Mario Vargas Llosa en el tren–es muy dificil, y tengo que buscar muchas palabras, pero es muy interesante, y mas divertido que mi libro de gramatico.)

The “Abundance” part is taken from not only the past few mad months that drove me into my sickness of the past few days, but the abundance of this day in particular: I have three exciting pieces of news to share that I can’t quite share yet, and each complicates the other. I think that I’ll be able to make room for all three in my life, but it will mean working even later and earlier to keep all the other good things in my life rolling forward.

So estoy mirando a vos, abundance, y espero que no tome mi exhuastion por una falta de gracias.

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