Journal: 2/8/13, or the Dance of the BusyBusy

Poem for Sandy Hook
This beautiful image is from the Pittsburgh PACT event held in solidarity with its sister event in DC and March on Washington for Gun Control. I am so grateful to Caridad Svich and Kyle Bostian for making these evens happen, and for including “A Poem for Sandy Hook.” I am working on a more practical post about gun violence, but my spare hours have been a null set of late.

However, it has been a blissfully productive (if exhausting) month:

  • I finished my rewrite of Dark Matter for the EST/Sloan commission, and the play is set to be read as part of the First Light 2013 festival on Tuesday, February 12th, at 3pm. This rewrite focused on Winny’s three-dream sequence at the end of the play, and her phone call near the end with Maxine. Both are strong improvements, I think, and I’m eager to hear them out loud (and grateful that Tom Wojtunik is directing!) Below I’ve shared a monologue that almost wound up in the play, but didn’t.
  • I’m mostly finished with my rewrite of Jane the Plain for the The Brick’s Oven series. In rehearsal with my wonderful actors and director, I’ve made trims and tweaks, but tonight I finished a substantial rewrite of the dance and remix scenes, which I think will make both a lot clearer, and the mirror-man more palpable. Check it out Monday, February 11th at 8pm!
  • Reminder: please check out my monologue A Body Is in Pussyfest Redux this Saturday night at 8pm (and see the Sunday show, too, for good measure).
  • I also finished an initial rewrite and polish of Upgrade, my sci-fi pilot for MozzleStead productions. Next up is to write the episode guide.
  • We shot some scenes and trailer footage of Sol Crespo’s short film, Old Maid. Our trailer–and donation appeal–is up at USA Projects. Please check it out, and give if you can. More location scouting tomorrow!
  • I directed Flux Theatre Ensemble’s Food:Soul extreme staged reading of Nat Cassidy’s Goldsboro. It was a joy to work on Nat’s wild play with some nimble actors–here’s a nice write-up of the event.
  • I was a panelist for the Massachusetts Cultural Council’s Dramatic Writing grant. This involved reading 700+ pages of scripts and then engaging in heartfelt, difficult conversations about the potential grantees. It was fascinating to come at the grant process from the other side, and I hope we honored all of the applicants in our decision-making process.
  • We cast my play Honey Fist and Johnna Adam’s Sans Merci for Flux’s rep! I’m really pleased with the casts for both, and eager to dig into the play in our rehearsal process in March.
  • Heather and I went to the Network of Ensemble Theaters Microfest in New Orleans, and it was a transformative experience. I’ll be blogging about it over on the Flux blog. I’m also a new board member of NET, and my first board meeting made me fall in love with NET all over again.
  • TCG has been as busy as ever, as we are neck deep in preparing the Audience (R)Evolution Learning Convening and planning the Nation Conference in Dallas. It is deeply satisfying work, which is a good thing, because there’s plenty of it to be had.

So…all of these happy doings have had me so out straight I haven’t had much time for any new writing (except for a fun Flux Sunday scene of a new play, Girlz). I’m still hoping to return to the novel, and an idea for a new play called The Tunnel of Insa is burning hot in my mind. Hopefully, some little patches of time will clear so that I can write something new, and blog here more frequently.

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