A Poem for Sandy Hook

I wrote this poem for the families of Sandy Hook, and for myself, because I needed to do something beyond signing petitions.

A Poem for Sandy Hook

After the upturned desks, the hiding in closets, the running and
The no time to run; after the lines of red-eyes and open mouths,
The microphones pressed in the faces of children but
Not all of them; after crying in the far office bathroom
For kids I’ll never know in a place I’ve never been, again;
After the petitions and tweets and posts
And speeches and hearts going out out out again,
After the never-again, again;

Again it will happen, in Damascus and Panjwai,
In Columbine and Oakland and other places
Named for trees and flowers; again the promises and laws
Will blossom and fall like trees and flowers, and the kids,
Like trees, like flowers, will be too beautiful to bear but
They will be, borne to places under ordinary grass.

After the grass and the stones on stones, after the name
Of the man with the gun is spoken for the last time,
After there are no words must come the words,
Because there are words and you know you know them,
I do, even if I don’t know how to say them.

They are the words welling up in my eyes as I
Picture the backpacks and crayons; words like cool rain
On scalded minds, words like rivers over dusty laws,
Words that shake my body when I hold you close,
(And I am, right now, holding you close), words
We bury under ordinary grass, because we are busy
And afraid and polite and the jerk in the checkout line
And the asshole in the traffic and the inconvenience
Of all the what were we talking about again? and then,
Tomorrow, another after.

After another after,
I must say rain and river,
After never-again again,
I must sing of backpacks and crayons;
After there are no words,
We must make new ones,
Words fashioned from the sounds
Children make when
They collide in bright-eyes and bruised-knees
On playgrounds,
Words that don’t wait
To make the world
What we say it is
When we say
This is what the world is
To children.

Published by CorinnaSchulenburg

Artist and Activist

8 thoughts on “A Poem for Sandy Hook

  1. You are right on, except what’s gonna happen to the kids who saw. Threre minds won’t let them foget the horrid happenings that is burnt into there minds. They will always gonna wonder is it gonna happen again? Here? Every parent have to take there babie to a Good tragity counceler and let the school pick up the tab! It’s a start for those babies! AMEN & GOD Bless all who lost there babies!

  2. Little Sandy Hook

    “Little Sandy Hook”
    Look at the lives that it took
    20 children dying
    Left us here crying.

    A chain of memories
    Blowing in the wind
    Letting go all the hopes
    We had for them.

    It’s beyond crazy
    Who could kill innocent little babies?
    I’m dumbfounded,
    Trying to wrap my mind around it.

    I guess we all pay the cost to live in this hell we’re in
    When God decides to take a loss and lets the devil win
    I know it don’t sound sweet but my heart is heavy
    See my mind’s blind to peace but my heart is ready.

    Now tell me, do you feel me?
    No you don’t!
    The world’s insane
    Don’t ever change
    And it won’t!

    A tragic decision of murder-suicide
    I gasp when I envision all those that could have died
    Where I reside we shed tears and bought mad flowers to remember
    What happened on that day back in December. (Remember….)

    Semaj Mapinduzi 12 20 12

    RIP to all the victims of this horrific tragedy. My deepest condolences to the families. May God bless the innocent….

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