Journal, 5/28

“When you’re a wolf, everything wants you just the way you want to be wanted. They may run from you, but if they didn’t want you to catch them, why wouldn’t they run faster?”

With the DEINDE dust beginning to settle, and strengthened by the response to my last two posts, I turn now to the work of finishing those 38 plays and discovering what else I might give to the world. This weekend was an extraordinary inspiration towards that goal: it began with a visit to the grave of a lost loved one, and the sight of a cemetery covered in American flags, and ended with the birth of my first nephew. Welcome to the world, Robert Lindsay Schulenburg!

Yesterday, I wrote a short monologue play called RabbitWolfBird (from which the quote above derives), and made some small rewrites to All Good Ending, my short play for the Brick’s Democracy Festival. The play is set in 1637, and the characters are named after my earliest American ancestors as outlined in the extraordinary book of my family, The Newton Genealogy (which just today got a new entry). Please come see it this weekend if you can!

Now the work turns to finishing Encryption (I am 2/3rd finished, maybe closer) and outlining the next chapters of that book I started before all these plays distracted me. With no Flux full productions until Novemberish, my hope is to resurrect this daily writing journal, and expand its mission just a little. Stay tuned.

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