Journal, 10/9: Post Wedding

(Original artwork: Alley Scott)

I’m back after a beautiful wedding and honeymoon in Spain, and feeling busier than ever, all with good stuff. Two exciting upcoming things:

  • The Sweet Pea production of Dream Walker has a live website and Facebook page. I love the poster (see above), and think it’s going to be a great production, so if you’re in NYC, please mark your calendars for Nov 9th-19th. Also, this coming Saturday, there is a bar benefit, the page to donate directly to the production is here, and tickets are here. I’ll be at as many rehearsals as my crazed schedule will allow.
  • This Saturday is also the release of the 4th issue of Carrier Pigeon, which features my play The Midas Touch illustrated by Kristy Caldwell. I’ve seen a sneak peak of some of the illustrations, and they are stunning. Why not join me this Saturday as I hop from art opening to bar fundraiser?

There’s something amazing about visual artists responding to your work – I have two works of art from the SF workshop of Riding the Bull that are two of my most prized possessions. Something about giving the stuff of dreams a local habitation and a name makes me happy…

Hopefully I won’t be so busy over the next few months that I won’t be writing and posting about it here – I have a new play idea that came to me yesterday fully formed (a thriller about cryptography) and I’m eager to finish Jane the Plain, as well as catching up on some long overdue rewrites.

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