Journal, 8/31: Paying Attention

Well, my grandmother only knew her great-grandmother as a little girl, but she paid attention, because her great-grandma told her, she said, “Alice” – my grandmother’s name was Alice – she said “Alice, I don’t have much time left, and the world is changing. When I grew up, if you worked for something, if you worked hard, and if you were a good neighbor, you could have the thing you worked for, if it was a reasonable thing to have. It won’t be like that much longer. We’re running out of reasonable things, and once we’ve run out of them, we won’t be so good to each other. So you need to pay attention, Alice, you need to remember, someone needs to remember it wasn’t always like this. We can be good to each other, for no other reason but that it is good to be good to each other. If you remember that, then the fire that once illuminated this world may burn down to an ember but it won’t go out, and you’ll pass that ember on to your child, and your child to hers, and one day, the winds will change, and the ember will catch flame, and in that light we’ll see each other again, and remember that we have only ever belonged to each other.” So I paid attention when she talked about medicines, and so that’s why you need to drink this.

10 more pages of Under a Better Sky this morning, and my fourth consecutive day writing, which is sadly a rare occurrence for me once the work week starts wailing. The above comes from a character we don’t expect it from, and like most of the best moments in any play, was a surprise to me as it was happening.

I’m also happy to share the dates, cast and artistic team of the upcoming production of my play Dream Walker, being produced by Sweet Pea Productions this November at the Kraine! I’m really excited about the whole artistic team, and thrilled that Matthew Archambault will be creating his third role in a play of mine as Gary, after being their very first Jacob in Jacob’s House and Barry in The Lesser Seductions of History. Please mark the dates in your calendar now.

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