Where It Comes and Where It Goes

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Mark Souza as Steven and Aubrie Therrien as Sadel

“Child, I see two souls inside you, a woman and a man’s, laid on top of each other like pieces of colored glass”


Sadel Bryant, late 20’s, British grad student, bookish but fierce
Steven Tyler
, 60’s, star of popular rock band Aerosmith, debauched but sharp
At Steven Tyler’s estate, in his basement, in the rock star morning, also known as the afternoon.


Sadel Bryant believes she’s uncovered the secret of Christ’s gender in Aerosmith’s Dude Looks Like A Lady, but Steven Tyler refuses to grant her access to what she wants most – the Holy Grail.

Production/Development History

Produced by Boomerang Theatre Company
As part of their 24 hour play festival, Rock n’Roles
Connolly Theatre, NYC, 9/27/10
Director: Brady Amoonclark
STEVEN: Mark Souza
SADEL: Aubrie Therrien

Read at Flux Sundays by Flux Theatre Ensemble
STEVEN: Richard Watson
SADEL: Alisha Spielmann

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