The Refrigerator Hums

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“The woman was lovely, that kind of red hair that wakes up a room,
and freckles like God tripped and spilled them on her”


BED, a hotel bed, a tough guy who likes a good time
PAINTING, a hotel painting, a nervous type eager to please
DESK, a hotel desk, their leader, a touch of poetry

DESK and PAINTING are probably played by women, and BED by a man, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Age and race are not important, though PAINTING may want to feel the youngest, and DESK has the greatest maturity.

If a fourth actor is available, they play REFRIGERATOR, humming malevolently in the corner. The part could simply be played by a sound cue.

The set is a hotel room, but the play could work on a bare stage.

Though having hotel furniture talk may feel whimsical, they themselves take their haunting very seriously, and should not play their roles overly campy.

BED, PAINTING and DESK have summoned us to break a curse that has them stuck in time. They have witnessed a murder, and need us to break the haunting so they can live again.

Development History
Read at Flux Sunday in NYC, 9/19/2010
DESK: Matthew Archambault
PAINTING: Nancy Franklin
BED: Isaiah Tanenbaum

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