The Green Show

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“Leave forever for later, for now, let’s play”

The Green Show
Written for Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival”s 2005 Green Show

Lord John Oldcastle, the rich patron of the Oldcastle Players
Emily Oldcastle, his eldest daughter, lonely and melancholy
Mary Oldcastle, his youngest and favorite daughter
August Lokin, a deluded and desperate playwright
Beatrice Blin, his lady friend
Quick Charlie, his devoted assistant
Sam Buttox, presumed a eunuch, Oldcastle’s singer
The Cook, Oldcastle’s cook
Rosalind Rose, Oldcastle’s choreographer
Jugglin’ Gerald, Oldcastle’s juggler
Robin Greatfellow, a serious actor
Lady Dame, his agent

Plot Synopsis
Augustus Lokin has less than an hour to whip his ragtag ensemble, The Oldcastle Players, into perfection for the critic arriving tonight. But when their patron, John Oldcastle, hires an actor from outside the company, his plans are thrown into disarray. Dancing, singing, juggling, iambic pentameter, extended bouts of slapstick, and broken dreams pile-up in this play written as a pre-show for the 2005 Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival.

Original (and almost certainly only) Production
Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival
June-August, 2005
Stage Manager: Jessica Kovell
Choreographer: Erin Clare Hurley
Music: Larry Lipkis
Lord John Oldcastle, Ryan Whalen
Emily Oldcastle, Jessica Conrad
Mary Oldcastle, Marnie Schulenburg
Augustus Lokin, Jim Staudt
Beatrice Blin, Rachael Joffred
Quick Charlie, Brian Tangredi
Sam Buttox, Michael Swartz
The Cook, Andrew Wertner
Rosalind Rose, Caitlin Kinsella
Jugglin’ Gerald, Nathaniel Myers
Robin Greatfellow, Zack Robidas
Lady Dame, Collen Gallagher

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