The Blame Game, Part 2

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Photo: Tami Jean Lombardi. Pictured: Kira Blaskovich, Andy Chmelko, Anna Bridgfoth, Chris Hale

“Cannibalism? No problem. In marriage we share things
So pass me cervix seviche with crème de le’ larynx”

The Blame Game, Part 2
A short play written as the second act
Of Corey Ann Haydu’s short play of the same name
As part of Impetuous Theater Group’s 47:59 Festival

Kira/Nancy: A complicated woman married to a cannibal, speaks in rhymed verse
Chris/Cork: The cannibal, prefers hip-hop to verse
Anna/Claudia: The therapist’s unhappy wife, secretly a cyborg
Andy/Stewart: The therapist, secretly a vampire

Setting: Now. The play takes place in Stew’s therapy office.

Synopsis: An unhappily married couple overcomes their differences (cannibalism, sibling murder) through hip-hop and rhyming verse, aided by a therapist couple with some secrets of their own. Written as a riff on several plays as part of the 47:59 festival, it may be the weirdest thing I’ve ever written.

Original Production
Produced by Impetuous Theater Group
As part of the 47:59 Festival
Center Stage, NY: March 1st, 2009
Director: Nick Monroy
Kira/Nancy: Kira Blaskovich
Chris/Cork: Chris Hale
Anna/Claudia: Anna Bridgforth
Andy/Stewart: Andy Chmelko

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