The App of Paradise

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JODI, 20’s, a programmer, hyper-intelligent.
PACO, 20’s, a DJ, free-spirit.

PACO’s apartment. Somewhere off the beaten path. Night

JODI and PACO are both grieving the loss of their dear friend Peter, when JODI discovers her work in meta-systems and artificial intelligence might bring him – or something like him – back.

 Production/Development History

Produced at Valley Repertory Company on February 24th, 2012 in Enfield, CT as part of the 15-Minute Play Contest
Paco: Eric Michaelian
Jodi: Stephanie Maloney
Director:  Peter Scibak
Costume Design: Jeffrey Flood
Lighting and Sound Design: Jason Fregeau

Staged at Flux Sunday by Flux Theatre Ensemble July 7th, 2011. PACO: Drew Larimore, JODI: Leila Okafur

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