Let Slip

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 BYRON, the director of a theatre company in the future.
NARRATOR, an actor in the company
DOG, an actor in the company, plays the Dread Dog Terror
BUSH, an actor, plays The Bush.
RENNA, a dramaturg.
RIELY, a producer.

In the distant future.
Riely’s office, and the rehearsal stage.

In the distant future, a theatre company rehearses a Passion Play about the long ago battles of Bush, Saddam and Osama. When RENNA discovers that their myths are based on a fabricated history, she must decide whether or not tell the rest of the cast the truth.

Production History
Staged reading at Flux Theatre Ensemble’s New World Iliads, May 16th, 2011 at La Botega
Directed by Kelly O’Donnell
BYRON: Brian Pracht
NARRATOR: Aja Houston
DOG: Chris Wight
BUSH: Matthew Murumba
RENNA: Rachael Hip-Flores
RIELY: Kari Swenson Riely

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