It’s A Wonderful Opportunity

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“Every time a cell phone rings, a super hero gets their tights!”

JAMES “JIMMY” COMTOIS, a playwright, a touch of Jimmy Stewart’s everyman nobility about him.
PETE BOISVERT, a director, a touch of desperation about him.
OVERMAN, a super hero, looks a lot like Patrick Shearer, only different.
MAC ROGERS, formerly a playwright, now a rogue killer of strippers.
BECKY BYERS, formerly an actor, now a semi-feral vampire vaudevillian.
JEFF LEWONCZYK, formerly a playwright, now a mid-level manager at a slaughterhouse/joke factory.
MARTIN DENTON, a security guard.
CRYSTAL SKILLMAN, a playwright, also a freedom fighter.
QUIBOT 2000, a malevolent cyborg. Possibly never seen.
LEPERS #1, #2, #3: Not really lepers, but fans so dedicated to reproducing Infectious Opportunity that they resemble sickly lepers.

A note on casting: JAMES COMTOIS, PETE BOISVERT and OVERMAN should hopefully be played by James Comtois, Pete Boisvert and Patrick Shearer, respectively. It would be nice if the other roles were played by other actors wearing signs or name tags that reveal their character shifts. It would be nice if Becky Byers were one of those actors.

A ridiculous ode to Nosedive Productions’ upcoming remount of James Comtois’ Infectious Opportunity, in the form of an in-joke ridden re-imagining of the Jimmy Stewart classic, It’s A Wonderful Life. Truly the least likely play of mine ever to be produced again. But, this is meant to be a comprehensive website, after all.

Production History
Produced as part of Nosedive Production’s Red Ribbon Gala
Bowery Poetry Club, NYC, 3/5/11
Directed by ??? (I’d love to know)
All of the characters were played by their respective real life counterparts, except for Becky Byers, who was played magnificently by Ryan Andes. Yup.

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