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Photo: Molly Pearson. Pictured: Michael Davis, Cotton Wright

“With this touch I give you my fifteen minutes of fame.”

BOBO: high school boy, precocious, the avatar of television
LOLO: his older sister, senior in high school, the avatar of something unexpected
SHELBY: the cool girl, running for class president, the avatar of the internet
TV: the God of Television
DANNY: Shelby’s brother, a former star athlete, now a soldier in Iraq
INTERNET: the God of the Internet

When the TV starts talking to BOBO, he enlists the help of his sister LOLO to unravel the mystery. Their quest leads them to a cheerleader desperate to save her brother, and a battle between the Gods of our modern age.

Original Production
Produced by Flux Theatre Ensemble
As part of Partial Comfort’s The Battle of the Bards
The Canal Room, NYC: February 2009
Directed by Heather Cohn
BOBO: Isaiah Tanenbaum
LOLO: Tiffany Clementi
SHELBY: Christina Shipp
TV: Michael Davis
DANNY: Jason Paradine
INTERNET: Cotton Wright

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