A Single Crumb Forever

Read the Play (published by Midway Journal, I am the 3rd writer) || Watch an Excerpt

“And we get so drunk the moon doesn’t want to stop watching, it stays night for as long as we stay drinking.”


HEATHER, 17, a good girl too pretty for anyone’s good, works at a one-hour photo booth
GRANDPA JOE, ageless, jovial and inscrutable, runs “Grandpa Joe’s Pizza – A Slice of Nice!”
JEFFREY, 17, a kid nice enough to notice how lucky he is, but not smart enough to guess it might end; in love with HEATHER. Works at Grandpa Joe’s.
VINNY, 17, that kid who thinks even the weather is against him. Works at Grandpa Joe’s.
JASON, 30s, worn and frayed around the edges, ready for his damn break already. In love with LINDSAY.
LINDSAY, 30s, a certain frightening clarity makes her irresistible.
VIOLET, 21, mercurial and wide-eyed, a priestess of a religion older than yours.
BIG AL, 40s, a big dead trucker. The kind of nice guy who buys your pancakes if you’re wearing lipstick, and then goes on about what a nice guy he is. Or he used to be.
BAKER, the age of a TV cop, but she’s not on TV, she’s as real as fictional cops get.
DELLOGROSSO, see above, only with male parts. Abbot to BAKER’s MacGiver.

Set on the edge of suburbia: a strip mall, a state highway, the woods. It’s winter, or at least, it’s cold outside.

Time: January 29th, 1993


A synopsis won’t do you too much good, as I was the third writer, building on what little I knew from reading the second scene, and then watching all the characters more or less polished off by the next playwright’s scene. But I had a lot of fun writing it!

Production History

Produced as part of Piper McKenzie’s Dainty Cadaver Series, Team B
At The Brick Theatre, Brooklyn, January 29th, 2011
Directed by Hope Cartelli
Starring Gyda Arber, Steven Burns, Lex Friedman, Gavin Starr Kendall, Jeff Lewonczyk, Doug MacKrell, Megan McGowan, Timothy McCown Reynolds, Ben VandenBoom, Stephanie Willing, Morgan Anne Zipf

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