Unfinished Plays

My hope in keeping such a page is to not only remind me of these plucky orphans, but by making them public, increase their likelihood of finding a good ending.

8 Games, 7 Dreams
A mostly finished play of eight friends crashing into each other, with the frame of every scene revolving around a game, with each character (but one) having a transitional monologue between each scene. I’m worried I may be tempted to cannibalize the central relationship for a different play.

How To Go
A third finished, this play tracks a Hunter Thompson-esque patriarch who invites all of his loved ones to his mansion for a contest to see who can come up with the wildest way for him to die.

Far Distant Classes
One scene in: a prequel to Good Hope, this play tracks the unexpected friendships between Xhosa, Boer and Brit in the moments before such friendships became almost impossible.

One More Go Around The Darkness
One scene: A matriarch is challenged when one of her over-achieving daughters brings home news of a cure for her secret illness.

Dalloway Play
One scene: a contemporary reimagining of Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway.

The Temptation Show
Four scenes: a reality TV show producer pushes her religious stars into temptation and violence.

Two scenes: an actor descends into the underworld to bring back a playwright she loved who died too soon.

The Club
Two scenes: a fabled club, impossible to find and of uncertain powers, summons the latest round of party goers to change them utterly.

And play ideas that I have not yet begun but are eager to be written:

A noir about the endangered species trade

A play about 3 brothers, two incredibly good at basketball (one in jail), the third making an extraordinary video game about basketball

A brother and sister with gifts for violence trace their unknown father back into a time-slippery West

A play about the increasing use of robots in warfare, focused on a robotic sentinel in Afghanistan and the CA soldier that oversees it.

A play about a puppet savant who gains the ability to endow objects with movement and consciousness.

A play about an escape slave and his two daughters, and the difficult welcome they find in the North.

A play about a video game that tracks your real-life decisions so closely, that when you die, it can replicate your personality almost exactly.  The creator of this game dies just as it becomes huge, and his co-workers fight over his legacy.

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