Under a Better Sky

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Students up for tests:
CASSIE, w, studying to be a lawyer
KEF, m, studying to be a doctor, in love with STAHNE, CORRINE’s brother
STAHNE, w, studying to be an actor, dating CONNEL
ACAM, m, KAELS’ brother, friends with NELFEN and BAYDEL
NELFEN, m, ACAM’s sidekick, in love with CASSIE
BAYDEL, w, ACAM’s best friend who has fallen a little in love with him
CORRINE, w, KEF’s sister, pretending to be a cool girl while secretly plotting to overthrow Elysium, studying to be a soldier
MARREL, m, CORRINE’s accomplice

Students not yet up for tests:
SHRUEN, m, junior studying history, plays in ERAINE’s band, competing with GATTAN for BAYDEL’s attention
GATTAN, m, junior studying physics, plays in ERAINE’s band, competing with SHRUEN for BAYDEL’s attention
ERAINE, f, failed tests last year, still hanging about school, leads a band with SHRUEN and GATTAN
MINKS, f, junior not studying much, a part of CORRINE and MARREL’s rebel group

Students who passed into Elysium:

KAELS, f, works with computers in admissions, older sister to ACAM
CONNEL, m, soldier for Elysium, dating STAHNE
REENAH, f, captain who commands CONNEL’s force, native to Elysium

A time far from now, where an environmental catastrophe has left most civilization living in squalor, with a lucky few living in a walled city called Elysium. Every year, a small number of the best students from outside are admitted into the city. The students go through a series of mysterious tests to see who will be admitted, while a few rebels attempt to bring the walls down.

Development/Production History

Commissioned and developed by William H. Hall High School, production in NYC at the Producer’s Club, 358 W.44th St,  3/30 at 8pm and 3/31 at 2 & 7pm, 2012
Article in West Hartford News

Developed at Flux Sundays in 2010-11 by Flux Theatre Ensemble

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