The Lesser Seductions of History

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The Lesser Seductions of History

“We all want to change the world…”

The Lesser Seductions of History follows ten characters through each year of the 1960’s. History becomes as intimate as a lover when the decade’s fracture points of race, sex and war break and remake the characters in this coming-of-age story.  The Lesser Seductions of History asks the question “what does it mean to be part of something greater than yourself?”

All characters (except for ONE age 10 years over the course of the play)

Anisa Hansen
, 28-38, a NASA scientist
Lizzie Ann Hansen,
24-34, a novelist, Anisa’s sister
Martha Ward,
18-28, a secretary turned activist
George Ward,
18-28, a pianist, Martha’s twin brother
Isaac Cohen,
21-31, a poet
Marie Cohen,
21-31, a waitress and Isaac’s wife
Barry Tanner,
25-35, a baseball player turned soldier
Bobby Tanner
, 22-32, a doctor, Barry’s brother
Lee Cohen,
20-30, a cartoonist, Isaac’s cousin, an autistic savant
Tegan Tyrone,
24-34, a political journalist
an actress in the company; also, the God of Progress. One plays all other roles.

Original Production

Flux Theatre Ensemble produced The Lesser Seductions of History at the Cherry Pit from November 6th – 22nd, 2009

Directed by Heather Cohn

Jake Alexander- ISAAC
Matthew Archambault – BARRY
Tiffany Clementi – MARIE
Michael Davis – GEORGE
Candice Holdorf* – ONE
Ingrid Nordstrom – ANISA
Kelly O’Donnell* – TEGAN
Jason Paradine – BOBBY
Christina Shipp – LIZZIE
Raushanah Simmons*- MARTHA
Isaiah Tanenbaum – LEE

Creative Team:
Jason Paradine – Production Manager
Will Lowry – Set Design
Jody Witherell – Stage Manager
Asa Wember – Sound Design
Becky Kelly – Costume Design
Lauren Parish – Lighting Design
Angela Astle – Dramaturg
Doug Faulborn – Assistant Stage Manager
Jason Tseng – Assistant Costume Designer
Emily Owens PR – Publicist
Kelly O’Donnell* – Marketing Director
Isaiah Tanenbaum – Graphics

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