The Lesser Seductions of History Reviews

The Lesser Seductions of History
2009 Reviews of Flux Theatre Ensemble’s Production

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“Schulenburg has found a way to take national milestones and spin them into a story that isn’t merely character-specific, but truly intimate.”
Doug Strassler, Show Business Weekly

“a masterpiece, a glorious gift that they have offered up to the world, specific to one generation but timeless to all in its celebration of life, death, and the choices we make (or are forced to take) to exist in this harsh world.”
Toby Thelin, OffOffOnline

“The ambitious, intellectually provocative and beautifully realized play does what theatre too rarely does – it leaves you thinking about your life, your times, your choices.”
Patrick Lee, Just Shows to Go You

“Weaving in and out of the larger contexts of the 60s, these can be seen either as small moments or big moments, depending on whose perspective you view them from, and Schulenburg’s greatest asset is–dare I pun it–his fluxtuating narrative, which presents it as everything all at once”
Aaron Riccio, That Sounds Cool

“Watching the Flux Theatre Ensemble bring August Schulenburg’s The Lesser Seductions of History to life is like watching seasoned acrobats performing an intricate, balletic routine”
– Karen Tortora-Lee, The Happiest Medium

“There are so many gorgeous chunks of writing, things like “Sometimes life isn’t about you, it’s about what you’re trying to protect” and the answer to “Does it feel good” is, simply and gorgeously, “it feels necessary…”
Sean Williams, SeanRants

“No, The Lesser Seductions of History isn’t perfect. It’s just beautiful, and, possibly, great.”
Judith Mahoney Pasternak, The Indypendent

“Under the deft and magical direction of Heather Cohn, Schulenburg’s play takes flight much like it’s theatrical grandfather Our Town, and like Wilder’s masterpiece it attempts to look at the lives of a small cross section of people who lived through the 1960’s”
Zack Calhoon, Visible Soul

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