The Hand That Moves

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The adults:
Lois Baker
, late 30’s, a rock journalist and mother of four, married to Daniel, of English/Irish descent
Daniel Rey, early 40’s, a surgeon and Lois’ husband, 1st generation Haitian-American
Sandy Baker, early 30’s, Lois’ sister, a wanna be rock and roller
Paula Morales, mid 40’s, Lois’ agent, originally from Andalusia, Spain
Aaseya Sarbanri, late 30’s, Lois’ ex-lover, activist, 2nd generation Afghan-American

All of the adults except LOIS also manipulate one of the four children:

The children (puppets):
DJ Baker-Rey
, 6, Daniel Junior, the oldest child, defiant, enjoys drawing, manipulated (and later played as an adult) by the actor playing Aaseya
Christophe Baker-Rey, 3, introspective, sensitive, manipulated (and later played as an adult) by the actor playing Daniel
Jean Baker-Rey, 2, one of the twins, manipulated (and later played as an adult) by the actor playing Paula
Jacques Baker-Rey, 2, the other twin, manipulated (and later played as an adult) by the actor playing Sandy

Time: 2010
Place: A living room in upper class house in NYC; a café; a backyard garden

A note on the puppets: the children puppets do not need to be overly realistic, as long as they are clearly children, and have agency and personality.

A note on the transitions: the songs that transition into and out of the scenes do not exist on a realistic plane, and can be as scary and playful as you like. However, the make-up of the future band should be somehow present in the action.

LOIS is struggling to balance her fading career as a rock and roll journalist with her responsibility to her four children, when a visit from her sister SANDY reveals she is accidentally pregnant with a fifth child. LOIS begs her husband DANIEL to let her not bring it to term, but he persuades her for the moment to keep it. When LOIS’ agent PAULA drops her as a client, she turns for answers to her ex-lover AASEYA. As LOIS attempts to find some part of her life that belongs only to her, each relationship is pushed to a breaking point, until time cracks open, and her way forward is revealed. The Hand That Moves is a play about music, parenting and what free will means in a world where so many choices are made for us.

Development History

Staged reading at Flux Theatre Ensemble’s 2011 retreat
Directed: Heather Cohn
DANIEL: Stephen Conrad Moore
LOIS: Kari Swenson Riely
SANDY: Tiffany Clementi
AASEYA: Kelly O’Donnell
PAULA: Ken Glckfeld

Excerpt read at Adaptive Arts’ Featured Artists Event
IRT Theatre, NYC, 3/19/11
Featuring Mariam Habib, Kari Swenson Riely, Paula Roman, Godfrey Simmons, Alisha Spielmann

Developed by Flux Theatre Ensemble at Flux  Sundays in November, 2010

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