The Fields of Blue and Glow

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JON, 36, a successful author of horror novels, second-generation Vietnamese-American.
DARYN, 36, an asset manager who disappeared, black.

Washington State, near Deer Harbor on the Orca Island.

JON’s living room. The room has expensive furniture yet feels ill put together, not messy but not particularly clean, either. It lacks a touch that cares enough to stoop or reach. There are several bookcases overflowing with books, a small bar, and a few scattered pictures of JON with his daughter, Nina. Upstage is an island that leads into an open kitchen area and to the stage left side of that, a door to the rest of the house. There is a door to the road outside stage right and the fourth wall is all windows and a sliding glass door that opens out to a very narrow deck over a steep drop into the ocean. Quite a view.

A storm to make the ferry stay home. A night for ghosts.


JON is a wildly successful author of horror fiction, called (to his dismay) the “Asian-American Stephen King”. His daughter Nina from a marriage long gone lives with him, but is currently away at summer sleepover camp, and he’s using the time to write and not think about his most recent failures in love and adulthood.

Then, his old friend from high school in the Bronx, DARYN, comes knocking after having disappeared for a few years. Once a rising player for a major Manhattan asset management/financial services company, he lost his way around the same time JON started dating his ex-girlfriend, Michelle. For all JON knows, DARYN might be here for revenge, even though JON split with Michelle recently.

DARYN has other intentions, asking JON about the story he’s writing and eventually, promising to make a mysterious proposition. They trade stories of the past and present, until DARYN share the story of what he’s been doing – and what strange presence he’s been working for – since he disappeared. When JON tries to blow off the story, DARYN offers him not only proof of its reality but a job with his new employer. The Fields of Blue and Glow is a play about children, growing up, and the power of crossing over into something new.

Development History

Read at The Launch Pad Reading Series for Mission to (dit)Mars, October 29, 2013

Read at the Reverie Writer’s Group, NYC, 2012

Developed by Flux Theatre Ensemble at Flux Sundays and the Annual Retreat, NYC, 2012

A special thank you to Anna Lamadrid for her help in the early stages of developing this play.

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