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Photo by Jonathan Slaff

Candace Donovan-Chase,
44ish, author and scholar of the Island of Ru.
Robert Donovan-Chase
, 56ish, Meriglish diplomat to the Island of Ru.
McReis, older, owner of many bar and hotel owners, and perhaps also the Island of Ru.
Handsome, younger, bartender on the Island, handsome.
Pip, younger still, pregnant with Handsome’s child, vigorous.
Chuck, acts younger, Island actress and Pip’s best friend.
Brickles, McREIS’ right hand woman from the North, religious, precise, powerful.
Chuck’s pet, a ‘wild one’ or animaleus, a wild human creature from the     Forbidden zone, agile.
Loof, a retired fool.
former Prime Minister of Brataslovakatinata, enjoys blow, sex and power.
former Crown Prince of Brataslovakatinata, enjoys food, and food. 500+ pounds in a motorized throne.
Professor Schlitzstein, a repentant doctor of germs.
Nubs, a gun dealer, cocky, Cockney.
professional assassin. Tall, mostly silent.
Assorted bar-guests and hotel employees such as
Bomsir, Dimsir, Crab and Buttles.

Animaleus including Tyclie, Baudrie, Meesh and Thalia.

Set on the island of Ru, and in the air above the island of Ru, at various bars and hotels, beaches and backrooms.

The accent of the Islanders is both Irish and Caribbean without being entirely either. Musical, playful, with grammar invented as the need arises.

The accent of the Merliganders is caught somewhere in the mid-Atlantic.

Poor islander Pip attempts to win her child’s father Handsome back, only to watch Handsome fall under the spell of McReis, one of the wealthiest men on island. As McReis teaches Handsome how to run his business, Handsome attempts to seduce the wealthy tourist Candice, who is herself seeking other options to bear a child, now that her diplomat husband Robert has fallen out of love with her. A wild play about power and love in the style of a Shakespearean comedy, set on a magical island.

Original production:
Directed by Kelly O’Donnell
Original music:Michelle O’Connor
Candace Donovan-Chase:Laura Walczak
Robert Donovan-Chase: David Crommett
McReis: Victor Truro
Handsome: Ian Bedford
Pip: Jessica Conrad
Chuck: Candice Holdorf
Brickles: Elizabeth Dailey
Zelkie: Kasey Christensen
Loof: Will Ditterline
Zynth: Gregory Waller
Gutty: Isaiah Tanenbaum
Professor Schlitzstein: August Schulenburg
Nubs: Jason Paradine
Siles: Joe Mathers
Bomsir: Rod Spilling
Animaleus: Tiffany Clementi, Michelle O’Connor, Rachel Bauder, Cotton Wright

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