Other Bodies Reviews

2008 Reviews of Flux Theatre Ensemble’s Production

“August Schulenburg’s Other Bodies is a superb piece of theatre. One could say it is one of the most intelligent and perceptive works to have taken the indie theater stage this year, and that would still not be doing the play justice.”
Nathaniel Kressen, nytheatre.com

“Other Bodies– like all of Schulenburg’s work — demands you stay engaged or you get left behind, demands you participate intellectually, demands you think about what is happening before you as it is happening. Schulenburg’s theater is the theater of the mind as well as the body, of the ephemeral moment as well as the timelessness of the pursuit.
Brook Stowe, The Playgoer

“In August Schulenburg’s ambitious, fiercely intelligent new two-hander, a womanizing ad executive’s cold-eyed pursuit of his female boss leads to his supernatural physical transformation; after he has his way with her, he wakes up in a woman’s body…this is a fascinating, compelling play worth getting excited about.”
Patrick Lee, Just Shows To Go You

“Really terrific piece with some extraordinarily gorgeous moments and equally gorgeous language…in the second act there was, I thought, one of the most beautiful monologues I’d heard in a dog’s age.”
Leonard Jacobs, The Clyde Fitch Report

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