Jacob’s House

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“Wake an hour before them and unwrite them from the book of life or they will surely erase you”

When 3 siblings argue over a strange provision in their father Jacob’s enigmatic will, allegiances shift as dangerous secrets are uncovered.  This darkly comic riff on the biblical story of Jacob explores the legacies of violence and power and the cost of wrestling with the divine.

Characters in the present
, 40’s, a painter, and Jacob’s daughter.
, 30’s, works with the homeless, Jacob’s son.
, 20’s, CEO, married to Jacob’s son Judah and running the family business.

Characters in the past
, 13 – 226, Dinah and Joe’s father and the founder of the family business.
Leah, 18 – 184, Jacob’s wife and Dinah’s mother.
, 16 – 192, Jacob’s lover and Joe’s mother.

The rest of the parts can be split between 3 actors (or more, as wished):

Actor 1: Messenger, Lawyer, Doctor
Actor 2
: Rebecca, Young Dinah, Young Tamar
Actor 3: Essau, Isaac, Laban, Benjamin, Scheck

2010. The attic of Jacob’s house. It is big, full of boxes, dress forms, and clothing racks.
All props and costumes are pulled from boxes and racks as needed to transform the actors of the past into their different parts.

The past moves from before the American Revolution through to the present.  Jacob, Leah, Rachel and the others that are hundreds of years old do not show diminished vitality until the very ends of their long lives.

Original Production
Produced by Flux Theatre Ensemble
Access Theater Gallery, NYC: April 29th – May 22nd, 2010

Dinah: Jane Lincoln Taylor*
Joe: Zack Calhoon*
Tamar: Jessica Angleskhan*
Jacob: Matthew Archambault
Leah: Tiffany Clementi
Rachel: Kelli Holsopple
The Messenger/Lawyer: Isaiah Tanenbaum
Isaac/Young Tamar: Johnna Adams
Rebecca/Laban/Young Dinah: Bianca LaVerne Jones*
Essau/Sheck/Benjamin: Anthony Wills Jr.*

Creative Team
Stage Manager: Jodi Witherell
Set Designer: Jason Paradine
Costume Designer: Hannah Rose Peck
Lighting Designer: Kia Rogers
Sound Designer: Betsy Rhodes
Assistant Director: Cat Adler-Josem

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