Honey Fist Reviews

Reviews from 2013 Flux Theatre Ensemble Production

“The rich humanity of Schulenburg’s work is as stirring a theatrical experience as any on offer right now.”
Martin Denton, nytheatre.com

“What’s even better is the give-and-take of his dialogue, people chatting, bantering, wheedling, fighting, with distinctive voices, in language both lyrical and real.”
-Wendy Caster, Show Showdown

“Mr. Schulenberg has a gift for poetry and an ear for the vernacular speech of the Massachusettsans he portrays. The first fifteen minutes of Honey Fist are dazzling in their fidelity to the rhythms of greater Boston speech and their subtle wit, inflected with working class, gallows humor.”
-Will Kenton, Cultural Capitol

“Justin, it seems, was a bit of a messianic figure to his high school friends, and though no one could save him from his own darkness, he meant something special to each of them, and no one wants that to be cheapened. …or do they? The play goes off in a few unexpected directions after that, when certain secrets are revealed; I don’t want to spoil the twists and turns. Schulenberg is a great writer, and truly mines the deep thoughts of these characters.”
-Duncan Pflaster, BroadwayWorld

“Schulenburg’s rough and gritty language and beautiful poetic moments is often hypnotic; his words grabbed me and I was pulled into this story and willing to go along for the ride.”
-Gina Fermia, New York Theatre Review

“Rene falls into prolix ecstasies at meeting Gretyl, whose music she idolizes; Sul makes a marriage proposal at an extremely inappropriate time; Stu finally gives up the true story of Justin’s mysterious end. These and other such happenings are the meat and potatoes of this play, and they go down very satisfyingly indeed.”
-Jon Sobel, Blogcritics

“Playwright August Schulenburg has written some beautifully complex, and very familiar, characters in his funny, tragic, compelling new play, Honey Fist.”
-Robert A. K. Gonyo, Go See A Show Podcast

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