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FEEHAN, late 30s early 40s, a CIA Field Agent with a passion for noir films. She is hard-nosed and hard-charging.

LYDIE, mid 20s, a CIA Agent working in encryption. She is green as the grass, but a genius with numbers. The actress who plays LYDIE also plays OTHER DAUGHTER.

The other characters can be played by three actors:

Actor 1, Male: EUGENE, a mousy CIA crypter; WAITER, a waiter in a British chipper; DAD, FEEHAN’s impossibly charming father; NEWSCASTER; AGENT;

Actor 2, Female: LINDA, a bossy CIA crypter; SHOPLIFTER, wholesome looking; ADELINA, glamorous Italian crypter; MOM, FEEHAN’s devout mother; JANGLES, a noir bartender fallen on hard times; DANA, a femme fatale; OTHERWIFE;

Actor 3, Male: DARYL, an aspirational CIA crypter; MAXIMANDER, a British crypter; GRIMM, a film noir detective; MARCUS, potentially a crypter revolutionary; AGENT; SON.


FEEHAN, a CIA agent, is tasked with finding Sunanokubi, the pseudonym of an elusive master crypter responsible for an anonymous online currency used by criminals. She enlists LYDIE, a green CIA crypter, and together they go undercover to reveal Sunanokubi’s true identity. Their adventures remind FEEHAN of her father, who taught her his love of film noir, and may himself have been a spy. As the present grows more complex, the past becomes more present, until the two collide and everyone’s true identity is – or isn’t – revealed.

Development History

Workshop Production from December 5-7 as part of The Secret Theatre’s New Voices program. Directed by Christopher Diercksen, stage managed by Yvonne Hartung, featuring: Sol Crespo, Rachael Hip-Flores, Mike Mihm, Isaiah Tanenbaum and Jessica Zinder

Staged reading of 20-page scene at Truth Be Told, Oracle Theatre, NYC, 3/25/2013. Directed by Marielle Duke; featuring Ashley Bloom, Ken Glickfeld, Jennifer Somers Kipley, Catherine McNelis, Matthew Trumbull.

Reading at Flux Theatre Ensemble’s 2012 Annual Retreat at Little Pond

Developed by Reverie Writer’s Group, 2012

Developed at Flux Sundays, 2012

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